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Priscilla Wright is a Family Lifeline board member, but her involvement began as a volunteer, advocate, and friend...



Giving Well

Family Lifeline understands the importance of partnerships. We know that without generous individuals, organizations, and corporations that the work we do in homes throughout the communities of Richmond and Petersburg would not be possible. In order to continue to grow and enhance the work that we do, Family Lifeline depends on the generosity and involvement of others. 

You can make a difference in your community. There are many ways to partner with Family Lifeline to bring health and hope into the home. Financial donations allow us to provide consistent and quality care and support. Volunteers help us to grow our reach and assist us in meeting the tangible needs of our clients. These contributions are an investment in health equity across multiple generations.

We are grateful for all those who choose to join hands with us as we carry out our mission and vision of partnering with families and individuals to achieve an equitable, resilient community where families and individuals are connected, safe and living a healthy, meaningful life. 

Get Involved

Make a gift in support of our work and check out our list of acceptable in-kind donations. 

Become a Visiting Volunteer or organize a resource drive with your network. 

Grow with us! Join our Young Professionals Board to help organize events and connect with new community partners.

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