of prenatal enrollees received adequate prenatal care


of children are on track with age-appropriate immunizations


of children are receiving age-appropriate screenings for developmental delays


matches in our Visiting Volunteer Program



service hours provided in Home Care


families receiving Early Childhood Services




By the numbers ...

home visits

within Early Childhood

*These numbers represent Fiscal Year 2019

By the people we serve ...

My care provider offers the companionship that my mom needs. I'm an only child so I can't be there for everything. It's just the care provider and me taking care of mom. She has become part of the family now.”

“The burden was lifted off… The way that staff interacts and explains things is wonderful. I would definitely recommend Family Lifeline. I’m so happy that we got connected with the agency.”

“Staff is responsive, professional, and kind. They try their very hardest. Satisfaction is 100%. They give me a great sense of not feeling isolated on the days that they came.”

"Without Family Lifeline, my daughter wouldn’t have met the developmental milestones that she has met."

“Due to Family Lifeline and all of their help and support, I do not only have a better understanding of what it means to become a parent, I even have received compliment from doctors that are surprised about how much and how far my daughter has come”

Voluntary - Families decide for themselves whether or not to participate.           Effective - Proven results for children and their parents.

Flexible - Activities, frequency and duration depend on the family’s needs.         Smart - Generating a return of up to $5.70 for every $1 invested!

Growing Well Programming is...

Living Well Programming is...

Customized - Services, frequency, and duration depend on the family’s needs. 

Effective - Providing critical social connections and health advocacy and promoting independence. 

Smart - Saving the health care system $918,000 per year for every day people can age in place. 

Choice - Allowing people to remain safely in their home vs. early placement in a long-term care facility.