Family Lifeline is committed to partnering with others. This tradition started as far back as the 1900’s, when we forged our first collaboration with a local organization with a similar mission. Today, in an effort to avoid duplicating services and efforts, Family Lifeline continues to identify partners who complement our existing strengths and competencies. We believe, like our founders, that by joining forces and leveraging each partner’s special skill sets – together, we bring about more effective services, better results and a stronger community.  


Service Philosophy

Also rooted in history (and in research!) is our service philosophy. Once inspired by the work of our founders, now driven by modern-day best-practices, we deliver all of our services, not in an office, but in the homes and the communities of those who need them the most. We believe that engaging families in a familiar place – a place where they experience their daily successes and challenges – maximizes the development of a true, caring, reciprocal relationship. 

We are committed to our services being:

  • Equitable and Inclusive believing in the fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement of all people.

  • Person-Centered – ensuring that people’s values and preferences are at the center of planning care.

  • Strengths-Based – building on the resilience and potential for growth and development inherent in all individuals.

  • Trauma Informed – recognizing the pervasive nature of trauma and promotes an environment of healing and recovery with the primary goal of not re-traumatizing.

  • Outcome Driven – using results to inform programming, ensure fidelity to evidence-based models, guide strategic direction of the organization and support advocacy efforts. 

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