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“Family Lifeline really has been a lifeline,” says Heather. “It has kept me grounded. It’s been affirming and validating of where I was at. I’m no expert. I’m still figuring things out. And it’s nice to know that my instinct is correct most of the time.”

Family Lifeline’s Growing Well programming is grounded in the principle that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers, advocates, and protectors. We empower and uplift, knowing that, given the right support and resources, all families have the ability to thrive.

Early Childhood Home Visiting

Children don't come with instructions, but Family Lifeline is here to help. We support parents through the prenatal period and the first five years of a child's life, empowering confident, connected parents, and healthy, school-ready kids. 

Services are provided through weekly home-visits. Services are FREE, voluntary, and available until children reach age 5. 

Connection to Community Resources

Get connected! We can help you find all kinds of resources in your community, from diapers and food to healthcare and social support. 

Parenting Education

Partner with us for parenting tips and tricks, as well as fun activities that promote healthy child development.

Development Screenings and Health Information

Every child is different. We offer development screenings to make sure your child is on track for their age. We also offer health information for you and your child.

Goal Setting

We support you to be the kind of parent that you want to be, and help you plan the life that you want for your family.  

Recognizing that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers, we utilize three best practice home visiting models when partnering with families:


Parents as Teachers is a voluntary early childhood development program offering research-based curricula that help families raise children to be healthy, safe, learning and ready for school.

The Parents as Teachers model is a unique combination of research, education and empowerment. In practice, our methods are proven to help caregivers connect with their child’s early development and build a lifetime foundation for academic success.

Learn more about Parents as Teachers




“When she comes, she always has activities for Eliana,” Davonda says. “She always brings good resources.” At each visit, De’Naja checks in with the family to make sure they have the support and resources they need to effectively manage Eliana’s asthma. “The main thing is asthma education for mom and dad,” De’Naja explains. “They can pass the knowledge on to their children, even after the child graduates from programming.”

Breathe Easy:
Asthma Case Management

Environmental and socioeconomic factors make Richmond one of the most challenging places to live with asthma. Family Lifeline partners with families in their homes to ensure that children with asthma have the support and resources they need to grow up healthy. 


Our Certified Community Health Worker can help with:

  • Asthma education

  • Connection to asthma resources in the community

  • Identifying and addressing household asthma triggers

  • Coordinating an asthma action plan with a healthcare provider


Asthma case management services are FREE, voluntary, and available for children up to age 18.

Growing Well.png

Goals for our Growing Well programs:

  • Improving maternal health and birth outcomes

  • Optimizing healthy, age appropriate child growth and development

  • Strengthening positive parenting knowledge and behavior

  • Preventing childhood injuries and cases of abuse and neglect

  • Promoting family functioning and overall well-being

  • Improving life course outcomes – two generations at a time

Our multidisciplinary Growing Well team

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