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Bringing Health & Hope into the Home


Since our founding in 1877, Family Lifeline has flourished for more than a century because we are responsive to the changing needs of those we serve. From the youngest baby to the oldest adult, we create positive change that is meaningful, measurable, and sustainable. During wars, depressions, and hard times, Family Lifeline has served as a vital support system, connecting families with the tools and resources needed to create a better future for themselves and their community. Throughout our long, proud history, we have celebrated our mission, while simultaneously focusing on current community needs, assuring that, as an agency, we remain relevant. Our unique approach to partnerships and fundamental service philosophy are at the heart of our longevity and success. 


Our name throughout the years has reflected this evolution – The City Mission (1877), Associated Charities (1905), Family Service Society (1928), Family & Children’s Services (1963), and Family Lifeline, which was introduced in 2001. In 2019, we began the process of rebranding our logo to better reflect the organization we are today. 

Our Timeline

As you trace our history below, you’ll discover a vision that is as vibrant today as it was when we were first founded. We remain uniquely poised to strengthen the lives of families in the home, two generations at a time.

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