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Arriving from El Salvador as a teen, Ms. A was full of dreams. As Ms. A grew, these dreams remained but felt far from reach with multiple obstacles before her including a foreign language, unfamiliar systems and a lack of needed support. It was during this time that Family Lifeline entered the picture. Ms. A has been a part of the Healthy Families program since July of 2018 when she enrolled prenatally. Her Parent Educator helped her to break her dreams down into attainable and measurable goals. Some of these goals included attending ESL classes so that she could improve her knowledge of the English language, applying for Medicaid for her baby so that she would have the medical resources needed, becoming a legal resident of the U.S. and attending nursing school.


Instead of having to navigate all of the complicated systems on her own, Ms. A had the support and help of her Parent Educator to identify community resources that would help her to achieve each one of her goals. She was able to participate in ESL classes and achieved a high score on her English comprehension test. She applied and was accepted into a local nursing school. She not only attended classes, but was able to navigate online courses as well. She delivered a healthy baby and graduated soon after. She has become a U.S. resident which led to her being able to apply for a job at the Health Department where she worked for three months before attaining a full-time job at a local hospital that offered higher pay and full benefits. Family Lifeline is grateful to have played a small part in Ms. A’s journey of achieving her goals and watching her dreams become reality. 

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