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We are staying connected during COVID-19


For over 142 years, making connections with those in need has always been an integral part of Family Lifeline’s mission. The importance of social connectedness is recognized now more than at any time in history. We work every day with members of our community who are at-risk of social isolation and are well aware of the significant negative health outcomes that can result when people are isolated. All of our work is done in the home where people feel most comfortable and safe. With the rising concerns surrounding COVID-19, we are forced to do our work in new ways without losing the core of who we are and how we do it. Family Lifeline remains steady in our mission to stay connected and be helpers to those in need.

Our early childhood home visiting programs are mandated by state and federal guidelines. As a result, there will not be any in-home visitations taking place through March 27, 2020. We anticipate moving to virtual visits for families in the near future. In the meantime, our parent educators and other staff are staying in phone contact as often as families desire.

For families using long term support services, our approach is different depending on the program. Visiting Volunteers are in the process of moving from a face-to-face weekly visit to telephone reassurance. We are encouraging phone interaction as often as our volunteers are available with additional support coming from Family Lifeline staff.

Our Home Care staff will continue to provide personal services in the home. For many people, these services are vital in order to prevent hospitalization. Individuals providing care are highly trained in infectious disease prevention.

For now, our staff are in the office, the community, and working from home. We are committed to keeping ourselves and others safe. We are taking extra precautions and following local and statewide recommendations as well as staying apprised of CDC recommendations in order to appropriately limit social interactions and to utilize healthy hygiene practices. Especially during this time of crisis, we are encouraging our staff to recognize the importance of and practice of self-care. As we implement all of these practices personally and as an organization, we are also sharing what we are learning with the individuals and families that we serve.

As an organization, we recognize Family Lifeline’s resiliency — we have weathered many and varied storms in the course of our 142 years. We have not done that alone but with the support of many helping hands, people like you, our partners in the community. Working together, we can stay healthy, safe, and connected. That is our wish for everyone.

We will update you as things change. In the meantime, visit these three resources to learn more:

When I was a boy and I

would see scary things

in the news, my mother

would say to me, “Look

for the helpers. You will

always find people who

are helping.”
                                                                                                            — Fred Rogers

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