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Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Family Lifeline Volunteer Newsletter

January 19, 2021 | Volume 2 | Issue 3


In this issue:

  • -Birthday shout-outs

  • -Baskets of Cheer THANK YOU

  • -Project-Elder participants WANTED

  • -Looking ahead

  • -An elder shares

  • -Welcome to 2022

  • - Activity idea


WELCOME 2022! Happy New Year!


Thank you to our Baskets of Cheer volunteers!


Elder Participants Wanted

In partnership with the Department of Gerontology at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Family Lifeline has launched a new initiative that trains students on culturally competent and trauma-informed approaches to interviewing older adults.

We want to hear from YOU! Debbie Ward, our Family Lifeline Visiting Volunteer Telephone Reassurance Coordinator, would like to ask you some questions about how VCU students should approach community elders when conducting interviews about ageism, elderhood, social isolation, diversity and equity in aging, financial health, and housing.

YOUR responses will be used to create a "guidebook" for VCU students who enroll in the Gerontology Program's "Interview with an Elder" class.

Please note:

  • 25 Elder Participants are needed

  • Must be age 55 and above

  • Each Elder completing the interview will receive a $50 Gift Card

  • To participate or for questions, call Debbie Ward, 804 402-6338, by February 2, 2022


Words from an Elder Friend

"My volunteer is a joy to have in my life."


Activity Idea

Discover a type of music or artist you both enjoy and spend time listening to it together.


Happy birthday!

To all born in January, February, & March!

Looking Ahead

  • Third Thursdays, monthly, 5:30PM, New Volunteer Training

  • April 6, Quarter 3 Volunteer Logs due

  • April 17 - 23, National Volunteer Week

  • May, Older Americans Month

Share your thoughts!

Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome. Please send to and put in the subject line Newsletter Idea.

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