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January Newsletter

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first installment of Health Hope Home, our monthly newsletter. We have big plans for 2022 and can't wait to share our work with you.


Holiday Meal Delivery

Parent Educators delivered 50 holiday meals and cookie decorating kits to our Early Childhood families. Thank you to Bon Secours for donating these delicious treats!


Friendly Baskets of Cheer

Each year, Family Lifeline distributes holiday baskets to seniors and persons with disabilities experiencing loneliness and isolation in our community. Social isolation has always been an enormous health concern for older adults, but this past year was especially difficult for those living alone. This year more than ever, our baskets brought hope and joy to folks whose lives have been drastically impacted by the pandemic.

Family Lifeline assembled baskets from donated items (left) and received pre-assembled baskets from community groups and businesses (right). Special thanks to Markel for donating 70 beautiful baskets!

Community volunteers and Family Lifeline staff helped paint picture frames, write personalized holiday cards, sort items, and assemble baskets. Thank you to Altria for sponsoring basket assembly supplies!

We distributed baskets to our Family Lifeline Visiting Volunteers program participants. Volunteer drivers delivered holiday cheer directly to each participant's doorstep.

Additional baskets were donated to:

  • Chesterfield County Aging & Disability Services

  • Shepherd Center of Richmond

  • Health Brigade

  • Senior Connections Foster Grandparents

  • Hanover County Community Resources

  • Meals On Wheels

  • Southside Adult Day Center

  • Circle Center of Richmond

Thank you so much to all of our Friendly Baskets of Cheer donors and volunteers!


Winter Wonderland Staff Party

Staff and board members gathered at the HofGarden for a night of food, dancing, games, and prizes. After a long time apart, it felt great to be together again. Staff came back to the office full-time in December and this festive event was just what we needed to reconnect with one another.


Community Corner

Leslie (center) with her family

Leslie Wyatt Board Member & Visiting Volunteer What is your professional background? I retired from Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU four years ago. I was the chief executive officer. I am a nurse and worked in pediatric health, both in nursing and healthcare administration, for forty five years.

How did you become involved with Family Lifeline? Through my positions in children's health I became aware and a supporter of Children's Health Involving Parents in the early 1990's. When CHIP of Richmond and Family Lifeline integrated I was impressed with the scope of services available to families, including those with young children and elderly or adults with disabilities. I appreciated the difference a resource like Family Lifeline could make in family and individual lives, hence, the community as a whole. When asked to join the board of directors almost nine years ago I was honored and excited to get an even closer look and involvement with the organization. I am very proud of what we do and humbled by our dedicated and talented staff throughout. Top to bottom, each and all are true to Family Lifeline's mission and they make a huge impact on our community through the individuals and families they serve. What was the last thing that inspired you? Since early 2020, I have been and continue to be inspired by healthcare workers and scientists around the world.

What is something you're looking forward to in 2022? I wish I could say I look forward to some fabulous trip and vacation in a foreign country or even across America. But, like a lot of people I know my planning for such is on hold. So, I am looking forward to spending time with my kids and grandkids in Birmingham, Alabama in a couple of months; spending time at my cottage on Gwynn's Island; going on walks and playing with friends, playing with my 1 year old puppy; reading and sharing with my book club and other friends. I am optimistic that we will see an end to the pandemic and that we will return to a new normal, one that includes healthy habits practiced by all and more freedom to move about at will. What's your 'Why'? I believe in Family Lifeline's mission and appreciate its impact. I am grateful for the organization as a citizen of Richmond and I respect the leaders and the culture of Family Lifeline. I am a volunteer visitor in the Visiting Volunteers program and through it I have made a friend for whom I am grateful. I know I add value to her life and she does to mine, as well. I remember when my father was living alone, with caretakers thankfully; and I think so often how he would have benefitted from and enjoyed a "friendly visitor." I will be a supporter of Family Lifeline for a very long time. Note: After 9 fantastic years, Leslie will be rotating off the Family Lifeline board in June. Thank you Leslie for all you have done and all that you continue to do for Family Lifeline and the Richmond community.


Staff Spotlight

Our Goals for the New Year

"My goal in 2022 is to be more intentional to give things that bring me happiness more attention."

- Jasmine-Symone Pruden, Admin & Operations Manager

"I want to expose my son to community service. Then, as self-care is to finally spend a vacation week only with my sisters in a foreign country. Also important is to watch the soccer world cup Qatar 2022 with my dad. In conclusion is to prioritize time with my family…."

- Flor Martinez, PAT-MIECHV & PAT Program Manager

"Spend more time with family and friends. Start practicing Tai-Chi at least twice a week and if my study and work hours allow me I would like to attend 9Round Fitness to do kick boxing."

- Elisa de la Vega, Parent Educator

"Do more random acts of kindness. Go to a place a have never been. Travel on a small budget."

- Elizabeth Gotay, Director of Early Childhood Programs

"Keep realizing how blessed I am and continuing to live and love life with purpose."

- Debbie Ward, Visiting Volunteers Coordinator

"Continue taking risks and seek opportunities to get out of my comfort zone."

-Sedonnah-Ree Jamierson, CHIP of Richmond Program Manager


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