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Advocating For a Healthier Future

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Earlier in the month, Early Impact Virginia led an Alliance for Early Childhood Home Visiting to help lift parents’ voices who utilize in-home visiting services, so that elected officials would know first-hand the value of home visiting programs and the needs of the families we serve, to ensure that home visiting continues to support families in Virginia. Parent Educators were able to partner with over 30 families to complete advocacy cards about how our Growing Program supports them. Together we helped to help pass H.R.8876 also known as the Jackie Walorski Maternal and Child Home Visiting Reauthorize Act of 2022. Below are pictures of our advocacy efforts with quotes from parents in our Growing Well program who wanted to share their experiences with elected officials:

“I get resources and motivational tips on how to make the babies happy”

“I like that we talk about things that I normally don’t get to talk about. I like preparing for the baby’s arrival and setting goal.”

“I love this program because it helps me learn about my new coming's safety”


“The workers are like friends with a lot of information. FLL is a wonderful program and I need them so much”


“I love that the home visits it's at home. My child is 100% comfortable and his complete self. I am also comfortable with being home. Our schedule is not interrupted and we feel; respected and educated, while at home learning new things.”


“She [Parent Educator] helps me to be emotionally well treats me with respect and honesty, they help me a lot by giving me the information and resources I need, this program is very important for every family that is enrolled.”


“I want to thank the program because they help us a lot, especially my baby in her development. She [Parent Educator] give me a lot of learning. My PE care about me and my family and I thank all the program for so much support.”

2020 Advocacy Day

“It is a program with many benefits because it helps us a lot in our children’s motor skills. And it will give us the opportunity to be a better mom developing the best role of being a mom.”


“From my experience this program came in a perfect time for I had no help. It has benefited my child who was in need of personal items for daily use and with Ms. Lorena who has made it her priority, to find resources and also useful information to benefit my child and family.”


“In all my visits I feel supported and I feel loved and specially cared. She [Parent Educator] is really nice and she makes my day happy. The visits make me feel I am important; I feel great having those home visits. It always makes me happy about everything.”


“I feel they are very helpful. My sister and her girls receive many benefits from you. We are very grateful to the organization. God bless you.”


“In the first place, the program helped me a lot because my daughters enjoy the moment with the people who have had the opportunity to share and also with everything that I need. I am very grateful with the program.”


“I love the conversations and the opportunity to receive resources in the comfort of my home.”

“I like it because my parent educator is open-minded and understanding. It helps me because I have someone I can connect with and someone who can help guide me in my journey of parenting.”

“My worker is great. She helps me so much. She gives me so much information and that helps me take care of my kids.”


“Well, for me the experience has been very favorable and they have given us a lot of information. The program has been so important. For me this is the second time I have participated and I have been in the program 16 years.”


“Home visiting has helped us prepare and be ready for any new way to better my child’s learning growth and ask questions for help when needed”


“I am grateful to the program because I have received a lot emotionally. I have been listened to and supported in very difficult moments, at this stage of my life and I will continue as far as necessary. Infinity thanks.”


“The program provides opportune professional spaces that cover issues related to the family and its importance in society. In addition, she provides information of great interest for the good development of the baby from her prenatal stage to early childhood.”


“I like everything about the program, the help I have received for my girls is everything both in their development and personally. But I like the most is the kindness with which they treat you.”

2020 Advocacy Day

“I have someone to help me recognize my child’s milestones. I can assure that my child is developing and on track. Resources are so helpful when limited on support. It’s nice to vent and get tips/ suggestion on parenting. I don’t feel alone and can bounce ideas with my counselor. Meeting and socializing with other parents is a blessing.”


“The connection and bond that is created with our educator helps us know we are with the correct person. This bond allows me to know that whenever I need something the educator will try their best to help in any way. But not only that, home visiting is super convenient for my family.”


“Home visiting has been giving me lots of comfort, encouragement, and support. Teaching me new and different things to try with my toddler, especially new activities and games. Home visiting also brings a smile to my face because it’s a huge support system for me.”


“I love everything about the program, they helped me a lot. I am very grateful for the benefits and my baby improved a lot.”


“I have seen a lot of support, especially in the development of my daughter, as well as great support for my family, thank you very much.”


“I love the conversations; the positive energy always gives good advice and never makes me feel uncomfortable.”

“My daughter can study a lot of knowledge and some of the other activity in our life. For me, it helps me to improve everything in my life when I need some help. Thank you for helping us. It is a great program.”


“The visits are very informative and exciting for the little one to learn new activities. Enjoy the company and love the conversations. She is very open and respectful, my son had fun.”


“The program helped me a lot. They gave me information about help that I didn’t know my daughter would get, excellent staff. The parent educators see the need of families. It helped me realize that I am not alone, I feel supported.”


“The program has helped me a lot, I have felt good when they visit me, they have given me the best service.”


“Through this letter I say thank you the family program for the support. They have given us and the help and resources has done us a lot of good.”


“Helps me and my mommy with our physical and mental health. I love the staff and positive energy vibes!”


“I love that I have someone to come in and not only talk to me about my kids, but also about me too. I enjoy it and it helps me a lot especially with my mental health.”


“It helped me learn how to cope with the development of my kids. The program has been a great help to my family. I am very grateful for being in this family.”

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