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Artists in the Office

Adilene Coreas-Vargas, Parent Educator

Artist Statement

I wouldn't call myself an artist. Creative yes, but I like to refer to myself as crafter/ or impulsive DIY person. I like making things more than actually drawing or painting even though I can do them too.

Back in high school I was even voted most talented by my senior class. Many times, my creations come from random ideas or conversations with friends. For example, a friend saying they are having trouble finding a specific thing or envisioned idea and I always say something along the lines of "Oh I can probably make that."

I guess I can say challenges are what inspire me? I find challenge in being able to make something out of nothing or improving. Crafting is one of my forms of relaxing therapy, though I tend to hyper-fixate until it's perfect- basically cancelling each other out but like, 'Ta-da I made this.'

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