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Melvin Redford talks about looking forward to having weekly company and support when he needs to go to the doctor. Some weeks that’s the only time he gets out of the house. Andre Johnson and Christina Owens, his Visiting Volunteers are just that, good company and an extra pair of hands. Melvin is not the only person enjoying the relationship developed through Visiting Volunteers. Andre and Christina talk about how much they get from their friendship with Melvin and that “they forget they are volunteering as it has become an important part of their lives.” Melvin is legally blind and has hearing difficulties. He says “the world can be a scary place, but it sure is nice to know I have friends come to visit.” He continues, “if I were younger, I would volunteer for a program like this.” Christina tells him “…you are volunteering, you visit with us!” Combined together, Family Lifeline’s Home Care and Care Coordination programs are instrumental in helping seniors feel less isolated and stay in their homes longer.

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