Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is composed of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, the immediate past Chair and the chairs of the other committees.  This committee sets objectives consistent with Family Lifeline’s long-range plan. All actions of the Executive Committee will be reported at the following meeting of the full Board. The Executive Committee has the power to act on matters regarding general supervision of the property, business and affairs of the Corporation between regularly scheduled Board meetings and such other matters as the Board may delegate to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is subject to the authority of the full Board and none of its actions should conflict with an action taken or policy set by the Board.


Nathalia Artus - Secretary
Maria Brown - Audit Chair
Anne Chamberlain - Board Chair
April Duff - Treasurer
Kathryn Gammino - Board Vice Chair
Jacob Kerkhoff - Immediate Past Board Chair
Edwina Linares - Governance Chair
Joe Williams - Development Chair