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Resource Hub

Resource connection can be hard to navigate, at Family Lifeline our mission is to connect families and individuals with all resources for a safe and healthy home. For support in navigating and connecting with community services, check out our Accessing Services page for a form that gets you access to our partner agencies throughout Richmond and Petersburg. 

Housing Assistance

Resources (i.e. shelter coordination, meals) for those who are experiencing homelessness or will lose housing within the week. 

Personal Items

Information on where to find and get personal and housing items such as clothes and kitchen items.

Support Services

Information on hotlines, support groups, and centers for those who need support in mental health, physical health, domestic violence, and substance  abuse.

Community Activities

Resources on local family friendly activities and services that support educational development.

Food Support

Resources and schedules of local food distributions and pantries. 

Servicios en Español

Información sobre los servicios de la comunidade en Español.

Partner with us

Family Lifeline is always looking for more ways we can help our community gain the connections they need to have a safe and healthy home. If your agency is interested in partnering with us, please fill out the form below. 

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