Guests found the intersection of passion and professional excellence at Talk LIVE: Growing Your Career & Community. This TED-style event engaged, informed, and inspired our sellout crowd of professionals of all ages who left with actionable steps and advice on how to advance their careers while also harnessing their passion to influence real change in our community.

At Family Lifeline’s inaugural Talk LIVE event, participants heard from a variety of leaders about how success comes not so much from what we do (our job), but how well we do it (our passion for our job) and the effect it has (impact of our job).

Speakers included:

  • Rodney Willett, Senior Vice President of Business Strategy, Impact Makers
  • David Gallagher, CEO, Dominion Payroll and Board Chairman, Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation
  • Grace Gallagher, Executive Director, Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation
  • Ed Trask, Renowned Artist
  • Katherine Wintsch, Founder & CEO, The Mom Complex
  • Jeff Bourne, Virginia State Delegate

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Rodney Willett, Impact Makers

From the idea that a business can exist to benefit its community and that employees want more from careers than paychecks, sprung Impact Makers. We are a competitive social venture led by senior consulting executives, dedicated and prepared to do things differently. Impact Makers is a for profit Virginia benefit corporation that is committed to helping members of the community by contributing 100% of its net profits to charities over the life of the company. Labeled “social entrepreneurship” or “public-private partnership” in academic, business and political circles worldwide, the idea is not new, but real-life implementations are rare indeed. Impact Makers is pioneering the application of this concept through an innovative new business model.

As Vice President of Business Development, Rodney is a member of the Impact Makers’ executive team. He leads its business development efforts for government and oversees marketing and public relations. Rodney has more than 25 years of experience working with government and commercial entities and helping to meet their management and technology needs. Rodney attended the College of William and Mary for his BA and JD degrees. He completed high school at the Collegiate School in Richmond.



David and Grace Gallagher, Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation

Founded by David and Grace Gallagher in March 2014, the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation cultivates awareness and understanding of teenage depression and anxiety.

The Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation is a beacon of hope for those who are affected by teenage mental illness. From free mental health programs for teens, to peer support curriculum in local schools, to nationwide 5k races that raise awareness for teenage depression and anxiety, CKG Foundation helps those who are fighting the good fight to SpeakUp and get help.




Ed Trask, Renowned Artist

Ed Trask, after growing up in Loudoun County VA. left his rural existence, moved to Richmond VA. and enrolled into the Virginia Commonwealth University’s painting program.  While in school he spent every waking hour playing music in the mid 80’s Richmond punk scene and painting.  By his third year in school, after many attempts to get gallery attention, he decided to make the many dilapidated buildings surrounding his school his gallery.  Paintings were painted directly on buildings, or done on boards and screwed onto the buildings illegally until the city was covered.  In 1992 Ed graduated with a painting degree and moved to Washington D.C. where he started touring with the Dischord records band the Holy Rollers, and continued to paint illegal murals all over the world.  Three years later he moved back to Richmond to join the band Kepone.  While the demand for his paintings started to grow, he figured he should start a gallery and make a go at mural and sign work.  Since then the work has never stopped flowing in, and Ed’s paintings and murals have been collected into many permanent collections including Gap, G.E., Capital One, Fortune Magazine, N.B.C, Philip Morris, Media General, Mars and Play inc.  Ed now plays in the bands AVAIL, Heks Orkest, and Corntooth.  He continues to paint murals, create collaborative projects and work as a corporate creative consultant.  Ed has gallery shows nationwide and has his studio in Richmond Virginia where he lives with his beautiful wife and two children.



Katherine Wintsch, The Mom Complex

After 10+ years studying mothers around the world and becoming one herself, Katherine launched The Mom Complex, Inc. in order to develop better products and services to make the lives of mothers easier. Bound and determined to make an impact on the world, Katherine is seen as a trusted advisor by companies such as Walmart, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, The Discovery Network, and Playskool.
Katherine’s sought-after research and expertise has been featured by The Today Show, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Fast Company and she regularly writes about the topic of modern motherhood on her blog, In All Honesty, as well as for The Huffington Post and Working Mother Magazine. In 2016, Katherine was named Advertising Women of New York’s “Working Mother of the Year”, an award given to women who have achieved outstanding business results while also serving as strong role models at work, at home, and within their communities.

Although she loves her innovation work, Katherine’s true passion is impacting the lives of mothers directly, which she does through both her writing and her public speaking. Known for her ability to have audiences laughing one minute and crying the next, Katherine is a thought-provoking writer and sought-after public speaker. When she’s not helping mothers help themselves, you can find her on the tennis court, in a yoga studio or meditating first thing in the morning before the house wakes up and turns to complete chaos.

Jeff Bourne, Virginia State Delegate

Jeff Bourne was elected to the House of Delegates in February 2017 in a special election to succeed State Senator Jennifer McClellan.

Prior to his election as Delegate, Jeff served as the 3rd District representative for the Richmond City School Board, where he was selected by his peers to lead as Chairman in 2013 and again in 2016. As Chair of Richmond City’s School Board, Jeff worked to advance education opportunities for Richmond’s kids. He led the effort to expand Pre-K to over 1,000 children, created a comprehensive academic improvement plan and helped create the Richmond Career Education and Employment Academy, which provides functional life skills training for students with disabilities.

Jeff earned both his B.A and J.D. at the College of William & Mary. He is married and has two children. He attended college and law school at William & Mary.


familiy-lifeline-color_webAttendees will learn from local business and community leaders, be inspired by their passion, verbalize with thought leaders, and engage in lively discussions around how you, too, can advance your career while making a difference. You’ll also better understand the mission of Family Lifeline and the unique role we all can play in empowering families in our community to lead healthy, happy and independent lives.


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