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  Visiting Volunteers


Visiting Volunteers is a free, volunteer-based friendly visiting program that provides companionship, outreach, and advocacy to lonely and isolated older adults. By facilitating weekly friendly visits, we strive to meet the emotional needs of our elders, helping them to age in place, in their own homes, for as long as possible. While our elders receive needed emotional support, our volunteers gain the opportunity to build friendships with older adults, enhancing their own pursuit for successful aging and creating a mutually beneficial relationship.


Through the development of each unique friendship, we also re-connect our elders to the larger community. Whether our Visiting Volunteers program matches spend their time sharing life stories, playing a game of cards, pursing a shared passion, or learning together about community resources, our goal is to facilitate the creation of meaningful friendships that promote the health and well being of lonely older adults and their volunteers.

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Read what participants and their family say about their experience with Visiting Volunteers:

“[My volunteer] is the best friend I could have. I always look forward to her smiling face and caring attitude. She makes me feel so special. By far, I really love who she is and believe she makes my life a lot better. Visiting Volunteers is the best thing that’s happened to me since my wife’s passing” – an Visiting Volunteer program Elder

“My mother would always tell us about the visits with Helen and John Thomas [friendly visiting volunteer and her son] and it gave her something special to share with us. It was important to her and she was excited to tell us things we didn’t know about her day. The more visits she had, the more stimulated she was and that made her life happier. These visits gave her a reason to get up, get dressed, and made her feel important and valued.” – daughter of program Elder as reported by Click here to read the entire article.

“[My Visiting Volunteer] is such a fun person. I hope when I am 89 I can be as great as he is. I love to hear his stories and we have so much in common. Same taste in music, travels, sports (at least golf). [He] brightens my life” –a Visiting Volunteer Friendly Visiting volunteer

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